Arri 3-Light Kit 300W, 650W & 1KW


The Arri 3-Light Kit is one-of-a-kind…or three-of-a-kind, depending on how you look at it. It’s an Arri, so you know you’re getting the best quality lighting equipment money can buy. More importantly, it’s a customer favorite.

With 300 watt, 650 watt, and 1-kilowatt levels, the Arri 3-Light’s perfect for all settings. It makes your interviews, videos, and photos look truly stunning. It provides unrivaled contrast and backlight. It’s simply the best Fresnel out there.

Oh, and did we mention the kit comes with bulbs, scrims, barndoors, filter frames, stands, and a carrying case? ‘Cause it does. It comes with all that and a smile. ‘Cause we like you.

Stop searching, you found your lighting kit in the Arri 3-Light. Rent yours now!