Bi-Color 1×1 LED light Panel


Let’s get one thing straight here – this isn’t your mother’s light panel. The Astra 1×1 Bi-Color LED panel is your take no prisoners, rebel without a cause, shotgun-totting mother’s light panel.

That’s a little intense, but it’s absolutely true. Standing on the back of Astra’s original 1×1 fixture, this panel is changing the game again. It has surfaced mounted, binned LEDs and custom TIR optics. It offers high color retention (CRI) and precise color reproduction and temperature.

Astra’s Bi-Color 1×1 LED Light Panel has a quiet cooling mode (seriously, it’s silent) and the smoothest dimming around. It’s glint, flash, and flicker free. It illuminates a larger area. Oh and did we mention it’s twice as bright as a wimpy, regular LED panel?

This is the next level of lighting equipment – get yours now!