Canon C-100


Combining Canon’s renowned CMOS image sensor technology with high-definition DIGIC DV III signal processing, the Canon C-100 is a light and modular digital video camera that packs a vast array of functionality. It is compatible with Canon’s electro-focus lens, as well as a multitude of other accessories by Canon and other brands.

The Canon C-100 offers a range of functions appropriate to one-man camera operation, professional studio production, or both. Both its simplicity and its expanded capacity for customized operation make the C-100 easily manageable for a single operator. Using an AVCHD codec, it also records at 24 Mbps and can easily integrate into your video production workflow. At the same time, it promises the quality and capability of production at the professional level, featuring an HDMI output with embedded Time Code, external recorder support, remote operability, and 100% manual control over both video and audio recording.

Compact and commanding at the same time, the Canon C-100 can integrate with virtually every Canon lens to give you the clean and superior shot you’ve been searching for. Look no further for the digital video camera that will give your production not only the style, but also the essence, of art and cinema.

Body Package Includes

Camera body (PL) with Top Handle
EVF with 2x Cables, EVF extension bracket


5x 32GB SxS Cards with reader


Choice of Bridge Plate(Studio 19 or 15) and dovetail, or Sony V-plate adapter and Sony plate
2×12″ 15mm rods


AC Power Adapter for camera
12v 2pin LEMO to 4pin XLR cables
6x 190ah Lithium Ion Batteries (V-mount) w/charger

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