Are you looking for a cost-effective, ergonomic back support system that can be used with film cameras, video cameras or both? Then look no farther than the Easyrig! Designed to minimize your back stress and maximize your comfort, the Easyrig back support is the travelling videographer’s best friend. It has the convenience of a camcorder, yet retains all the advantages of using a professional video camera: from steady shots to the lense, zoom and focus capabilities.

The Easyrig support works by reducing the load that forces tension on your neck and shoulder muscles. By distributing this load to other parts of your body that are more capable of bearing heavier weight, it leaves your more tender muscles relatively unstressed.

This support system can bear a variety of camera types, from lightweight ones to more heavy and obtrusive models. The weight ranges that Easyrig can support spans from lighter cameras that may be handheld to the Sony Betacam series of camcorders. Its maximum weight capacity is 44 lb/20 kg. It is ideal for uses in which mobility and flexibility are of the utmost importance to the camera operation, e.g. in: electronic new-gathering, live event coverage, documentaries, and some commercials.