J.L. Fisher Ten


Their most popular model to date, the J.L. Fisher Ten camera dolly sets the industry standard for smooth, silent and easy-to-use camera operation. This low-maintenance, high-quality dolly excels in its versatility, having been utilized for a wide variety of television and filmmaking practices.

The J.L. Fisher Ten is stable, reliable, and above all, safe to use – a must have for the serious videographer, whether you are a grip or a producer. Full range of features include:

  • 500 lb/227 kg lift beam capacity
  • 1200 lb/544 kg maximum load capacity
  • Four distinct steering modes:
    1. Rear – Front wheels locked, rear wheels rotate 360
    2. Crab – Both front and rear wheels rotate 360 together
    3. Round – Front and rear wheels rotate from 0 to 360 independently of one another
    4. Wide – Front and rear wheels rotate 180
  • Charges in a minimum of just 3 minutes at 90-240 volts
  • 8 seat mount locations
  • 4 way level head
  • Integrated track guide system
  • Removable push posts that double as rear handles for carrying
  • Positive locking brakes
  • Reversible, 4-way adjustable leveling head with 360 adjustable diamond plating
  • Cue box incorporates variable lift rate memory and an adjustable drag knob
  • Self-bleeding hydraulics
  • Self-dampening lift beam with cue indicator