KinoFlo 4×4 Kit


The KinoFlo 4×4 Kit is the most professional lighting kit you can get outside of a major studio. It’s made up of four fluorescent fixtures which can be remotely operated by a ballast.

The 4×4 gives off a soft, natural light. It’s perfect as either a key or fill light source. It’s nearly shadowless. Oh, and to top it all off, the KinoFlo is energy efficient.

Not only will your shots look spectacular, but you’ll have money in your pocket to buy a fancy suit to wear to that festival your short got into. You can thank us later.

You can pick between daylight, tungsten, and a couple chromas (green and blue). Switching between these levels is as easy as swapping the fluorescent tubes. You can also match the 4×4 to any existing light source with no additional filtration.

The KinoFlo 4×4 Kit is essentially your one-stop Hollywood lighting shop. What are you waiting for? Rent one for yourself today!