O’Connor 2575 Fluid Head w/ Ronford Legs


With its smooth pan functionality and a fluid drag that provides precise, stable control, the O’Connor 2575 Fluid Head w/ Ronford Legs has become an undeniable staple of the video production industry.

This flagship model of the O’Connor series features a sine-wave head design, patented by O’Connor, for superior balancing at almost any tilt. Its mount interacts seamlessly and harmoniously with Mitchel-based components such as tripods, Jib arms and dollies.

The new generation of the O’Connor 2575 Fluid Head w/ Ronford Legs, the 2575D, features all of the above and much more, including:

  • Platform controls on operator’s (left) side of the head
  • Platform release lever with a one-touch finger actuated safety release catch for undoing the safety catch or opening the lever with a single finger or hand
  • Dual platform scales
  • Four handle rosettes on the platform
  • Left-hand side soft hand rest
  • Metric fasteners on the head, including the set screws used for field adjustments
  • 100% compatable and interchangeable with 2527C model accessories