Red Epic Dragon


With the Red Epic Dragon in your hands, the next age of digital cinematography has arrived. We’re talking 6K resolution and the ability to capture one hundred frames-per-second. The Red Epic Dragon isn’t messing around. It allows you, the artist, to focus on the shot and the shot only.

Isn’t that what great equipment is for – to ease the burden of creating art? Our satisfied customers think so. The Dragon is one of their favorites.

The Red Epic Dragon is both motion and still compatible. Better yet, all stills are Photoshop friendly. A better pixel ration than HD (over nine times better!) allows the Dragon to capture truly magnificent detail.

Your shoot is serious. Stop playing around in the amateurs and step into the majors today with the Red Epic Dragon!

Body Package Includes

Camera body (PL) with Top Handle
EVF with 2x Cables, EVF extension bracket


5x 32GB SxS Cards with reader


Choice of Bridge Plate(Studio 19 or 15) and dovetail, or Sony V-plate adapter and Sony plate
2×12″ 15mm rods


AC Power Adapter for camera
12v 2pin LEMO to 4pin XLR cables
6x 190ah Lithium Ion Batteries (V-mount) w/charger

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