Sachtler Video 20 w Carbon Legs


Updating previous Sachtler fluid head supports with an improved double extension tripod, the Sachtler Video 20 with Carbon Legs is the perfect accommodation for heavy-duty video production that requires quality support. Particularly suited to provide stability and mobility for the modern electronic news-gatherer, the Video 20’s mid-level spreaders and rubber feet are bound to give you the perfectly balanced shot you’ve been looking for.

With carbon fibers and large tube diameter, the Sachtler Video 20 tripod adds stability without compromising for flexibility or becoming too cumbersome. Its double extension tripods expands the system’s range of applications, enabling it to reach both new heights and new lows while reducing the transport length. Folding handles allow for convenient transport by placing tripod horizontally, while the clamping system allows you to lock it up and guarantee its security when not in use.

The Sachtler Video 20 with Carbon Legs weighs 24 pounds and offers support of up to 55 pounds. Its full range of features and functionality includes:

  • Acceptance of small quick release plates
  • Balancing DSLR to ENG/EFP Cameras
  • 100mm bowl mount
  • 16-step counterbalance
  • Boost Button
  • 7 Steps of Drag
  • Touch-and-Go Plate