Sony FS7


The Sony FS7 is the toughest cinema style camera out there. Seriously, this bad boy is made of magnesium alloy and boasts a sturdy grip and arm. You can hold it over your head, get the perfect shot, accidently drop it, and still come away with an intact and pristine image.

Adding to the FS7’s badass nature is its incredible layout and user interface. Do you need to multitask to the extreme? I’m talking perform seven tasks to even get the shot set up and then snap your image or record your scene?

Sony’s FS7 has you covered. You can do all the above and more without ever moving your hand from the grip. Impressive right? Well we’re not done yet. This camera also boasts remarkable low light performance and slow motion features. With the ability to shot up to 180 frames-per-second, Sony isn’t messing around.

Don’t wait to enter the future of digital recording, rent your Sony FS7 now!

Body Package Includes

Camera body (PL) with Top Handle
EVF with 2x Cables, EVF extension bracket


5x 32GB SxS Cards with reader


Choice of Bridge Plate(Studio 19 or 15) and dovetail, or Sony V-plate adapter and Sony plate
2×12″ 15mm rods


AC Power Adapter for camera
12v 2pin LEMO to 4pin XLR cables
6x 190ah Lithium Ion Batteries (V-mount) w/charger

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