Dunlop Tennis – Racket On – Red Epic
Here is the second commercial we produced for Dunlop Tennis. Client: Dunlop Tennis Production Company: Hayden5 Production Services & Cinematography: ASK Media Productions  

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Champion Motorsport Porsche Turbo RSR Video
The Champion Motorsport Porsche Turbo RSR. Featured In Car and Driver Magazine | Excellence Magazine Car and Driver: "Porsche RSR Racer meets leather-liner and all-wheel-drive Turbo S in the world's fastest mash-up. It bolts to 30 mph quicker than a Bugatti Veyron." "The Coolest 911 Ever" Excellence Magazine: "Has Champion Motorsport Built The
BMW M6 Coupe created the M Print
Here is the BMW M6 video we worked on through KBS a few months back.  ASK Media Productions supplied a Red Epic as well as D.P. Adam Milt and a few DSLR camera packages.  For this shoot, we headed to Chicago for a week to film at Classic Color and Black Hawk Farms Raceway.   Lets just say this was a very fun shoot.  Check out
LATAM Airlines 15 Second Jingle Commercial for “Make Flight”

LATAM Airlines

"Make Flight" 15 Second Jingle

Produced by Creative Kitchen

Video Produced by; Creative Kitchen Executive Producer:Josef Holloway Producer: Chris Kilayko Director: Eric Rodriguez Director of Photography: Adam Kaplan Artist: Ryan Farrell Music Production by: Write Me A Jingle Robby Cambell Josh Snyder Equipment Supplied by; ASK Media Productions INC.