Jeff Munson gets sponsor’s logo inked on his trap!
Adam JP Shooting Jeff Munson Last month we got a chance to team up with Kimurawear and Jen Boronico from Boca Tanning Club to produce a web documentary series on Jeff Munson. Jen interviewed Jeff throughout the night while he got Kimurawear's logo tattooed on his trap. Here is part
Reebok “Behind The Lite” Series
Client: Reebok Photographer: Christian Lantry Behind The Scenes Videos: Producer/Director: Dave Herman D.P./Camera: Adam Kaplan Camera: Bobby Wolff Sound: Robert Shaw Light Painters; Vicki DaSilva Darren Pearson Dana Maltby    
Celebrity Eclipse Commercial’s for Travel TV News
2 commercials we shot for Travel TV News earlier in the year. Both of these are currently airing on WPLG throughout the month!  
“A Matter of Miles” Short Film/Music Video
Here are a couple still frames from our last Film/Music Video.  It is called "A Matter of Miles" by Ryan Powers Boyle. Produced by Adam Kaplan Directed by Sidney Manuel Cinematography by Miguel Grell We shot this video over a weekend in Fort Lauderdale. First Location was Hugh Taylor Birch State Park.  Ron Bogner