Electric Daisy Carnival – 2013 – Las Vegas – Largest Stage Constructed
The Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas, presented by Insomniac Events, was held late June for a full week of music, interactive elements, rides, and more. We were there from day 1 to document the entire 3 week build of one of the largest stages ever constructed! Our clients were Mountain Productions, AG Light & Sound & SJ Lighting. Here are a few pics from
Elation – Electric Daisy Carnival – Circuit Grounds Video
OFFICIAL Recap Video of Hispanicize 2013 presented by Procter & Gamble
This is the OFFICIAL Recap Video Hispanicize 2013 (#Hispz13) presented by Procter & Gamble. Now in its fourth year, Hispanicize 2013 is the annual Latino trends event for brands, journalists, bloggers, filmmakers and music artists. The annual event brings brands, media, marketers, celebrities, filmmakers, innovators and bloggers together in a unique creative environment focused on creative ideas, innovation and best
AG Lights & Sound – Worldwide Stage – Ultra Music Festival 2013 – TimeLapse
Here is another Time-Lapse video we Produced for AG.tc of the second structure they built at Ultra Music Festival.  We ran this cameras for 4 days straight.  Here is the video below. Design by Stephen Lieberman – SJ Lighting – sjlighting.net Production by AG Lights & Sound – ag.tc Video by ASK Media Productions – Adam Kaplan – askmediaproductions.com