Album Cover Photo Shoot for Jose Feliciano – Photographer Adam Kaplan
This past week we had the honor of shooting a living legend, Jose Feliciano.  What an amazing person.  The shoot was nothing but Laughs and Jose singing, playing guitar and piano.  We were shooting for two of his new album covers coming out in the near future.  Here is a behind the scenes look at one of our set ups. Photographer - Adam Kaplan Assistant - Carlos Nunez Assistant
Producer Adam Kaplan along side our host Andrea Ocampo at Hispanicize 2012
[caption id="attachment_1375" align="alignnone" width="650" caption="Producer Adam Kaplan & Host Andrea Ocampo"]Producer Adam Kaplan & Host Andrea Ocampo[/caption]
Flash Mob at Hispanicize 2012
Here is a quick edit of the surprise Flash Mob today at Hispanicize 2012. Choreographed by Melissa Sustaita @Melissa_ATX from
Hispanicize 2012 – Pepe Serna – Sea World Penquins – Day 2
Day 2 of Hispanicize has already been amazing! Here are a few shots from today. Hispanicize 2012 Pepe Serna - Andrea Ocampo Hispanicize 2012 Pepe Serna - Andrea Ocampo Hispanicize 2012 - Sea World - Penquin Hispanicize 2012 - Sea World