Dunlop Tennis – Racket On – Red Epic
Here is the second commercial we produced for Dunlop Tennis. Client: Dunlop Tennis Production Company: Hayden5 Production Services & Cinematography: ASK Media Productions  

Red Epic Camera Rental - Production Services Red Epic Camera Rental - Production Services

Champion Motorsport Porsche Turbo RSR Video
The Champion Motorsport Porsche Turbo RSR. Featured In Car and Driver Magazine | Excellence Magazine Car and Driver: "Porsche RSR Racer meets leather-liner and all-wheel-drive Turbo S in the world's fastest mash-up. It bolts to 30 mph quicker than a Bugatti Veyron." "The Coolest 911 Ever" Excellence Magazine: "Has Champion Motorsport Built The
LAN & TAM AIRLINES Presents – MakeFlight – The Exhibit
Thank you to everyone who helped us through our journey to Make Flight! Make sure visit and sign up. Here is the final video of the series we produced for LAN & TAM Airlines.
BMW M6 Coupe created the M Print
Here is the BMW M6 video we worked on through KBS a few months back.  ASK Media Productions supplied a Red Epic as well as D.P. Adam Milt and a few DSLR camera packages.  For this shoot, we headed to Chicago for a week to film at Classic Color and Black Hawk Farms Raceway.   Lets just say this was a very fun shoot.  Check out