Concert Photography

A picture is worth a thousand words – or so the saying goes. Here at ASK Media, we think it’s worth much more. In fact, it is invaluable. The adrenaline and the excitement, the cheering of the crowds and the clapping of the hands…these are sensations to which mere words can hardly do justice. These are moments in life quite unlike any other, larger than life and yet gone before you know it. In choosing ASK Media to fulfill your photography needs, you get more than just our on-site experience and technical expertise. You get a piece of those unforgettable moments and make them eternal.

What We Specialize In

ASK Media is a full service digital media studio that specializes in a wide variety of photographic services. Whether for a wedding or a sporting event, on location of in the comfort of our studio, we’re your one-stop shop for making snapshots in time last forever.

There is scarcely a setting or event that can’t be benefitted by our professional photography services. We conduct studio photo shoots that rival the style and taste of Gentleman’s Quarterly. We create an elegant timelapses that incorporate days’ worth of concert scenery in only a few seconds. We capture that single split second when the ball hits the bat, the sweat hits the ground and the crowd goes wild.

Our Professional Photography Services

We handle every aspect of photography from you, from scouting locations to digital editing and even media planning. Our full range of services includes, but is not limited to:

  • Location/Logistics
  • Concept Development
  • Copystand slides
  • Timelapse Production
  • Photoshop & Effects Editing
  • Digital Prints
  • Web-Friendly Rendering
  • Media Planning & Purchasing

Why Choose ASK Media?

Photography is more than snapping pictures of people, places and things. It is an art and a science, requiring balanced amounts of skill, experience and imagination. ASK Media excels in each of these three spheres and more, and we have the portfolio to demonstrate it.

Both here in South Florida and across the nation, we’ve been the go-to photography studio for everything from concerts and festivals to galas, weddings and sporting events. No matter how slight, there’s no detail we can’t bring to focus. No matter how brief, there’s no instant we can’t freeze. Big or small, day or night, we are the studio to call upon for all your photography needs.