Corporate Videos

Corporate communications is an ever-evolving multimedia landscape, utilizing the latest technologies to incorporate new modes of communication and convey brand value. For the past decade, ASK Media has helped to mold this landscape with award-winning corporate videos that are impassioned, powerful and engaging. Whether animated or live action, for investors or for consumers, we are your full-service studio for all your corporate video production needs.

What is Corporate Video Production?

Corporate videos are distinguished from other media forms not only in their subject matter, but also in their purpose: serving as a statement of the brand’s message. Each brand has its own unique identity and philosophy, and the most vital task of corporate communication is crafting and implementing that message in a strategic manner. Some brands are luxurious, while others are modest. Some are sober, others more whimsical. At ASK Media, it is our task to take this message, style it accordingly, and transform it into an audiovisual masterpiece.

Breathing Life into Your Brand Message

Any video can say, “buy our product,” but few can do it with the passion and vitality that we have mastered at ASK Media. Why? Because every corporate video we produce is designed to do far more than sell. Our productions tell stories, evoke powerful emotions, and convey value. Each detail of the production process, from storyboarding to lighting to soundtracking, captures the essence of the brand and organizes it in a way that appeals to its audience.

We take an individual approach to every corporate video production, defining the target audience and determining the optimal modes of persuading and informing that audience. Each production, whether a product demonstration or investor presentation, is inherently audience-oriented in this fashion. In order to convince them of its value, a brand must present consumers with a persona that is relatable. Why should they invest in your company or purchase your product? Because the brand persona you have created has convinced them that you understand their wants and needs, and that you are committed to providing them with an optimal solution.

Why Choose ASK Media for Your Corporate Video Production?

We take pride in our work and in the results we produce. Since our founding, ASK Media has helped dozens of Fortune 500 companies craft statements of their value and then launch those statements on the trajectory toward success.

Why have we been so integral to the success of these brands, and why should you choose ASK Media to do the same for you? In our studio, we bring unparalleled creativity, expertise and experience. More than this, however, is the integrity of our work. Corporate video production is, at its core, about communication, and the most effective communication is the kind that is honest. We believe in our videos, the statements they make and the values they impart. We believe in our clients and their brands, and we help their customers believe in them, as well. Let us show you how we can make that happen for you.