Infomercials. We all know them. We all love them…or hate them. In fact, nine out of ten infomercial actors agree most infomercials are boring and don’t sell products.

See, that’s the problem. Short form, long form, microform, production, scripts, ads…it doesn’t matter. You may know Billy Mays or George Forman, but do you know what they sell? Have you ever ordered anything from them?

That’s where ASK enters the picture. Infomercials don’t sell products unless people connect with them. With a decade of experience under our belt, we are the direct response production and script company to trust.

Short Form Infomercial Production

Short form infomercials are under two minutes in length. Think of a regular TV ad, but with more flavor, more flair.

Two minutes isn’t a lot of time. Especially when you think about all the short form infomercial has to accomplish. It has to establish uncover a pain point, offer a value proposition, establish an emotional connection with your audience, and include a killer call to action.

That’s a lot! Thankfully ASK is the champion at getting a lot from a little. Our years of video production have made us experts at how to produce short form infomercials. We know the tricks of the trade, the secrets other companies don’t.

Call ASK today to learn how we can produce a one-of-a-kind direct response ad for you!

Long Form Infomercial Production

Long form infomercials are between twenty-eight and fifty-nine minutes in length. That’s oddly specific, right? Well, the world of long form infomercials is a weird place. It’s filled with personalities and pitches you wouldn’t believe.

Thankfully, you don’t have to. Let us take care of all that. A half hour or longer is a long time to hold someone’s attention. It’s hard to pack pain points and call to actions into two minutes, it’s a lot harder to raise them in long form infomercials and hold your audiences’ attention.

Well, that’s where ASK really shines. Producing concert videos and music videos has given us that creative eye. We’re able to convey the unique value of your product, whatever your product is.

Selling handmade soaps? Been there, done that. What about shoelaces that tie themselves? We got you covered. We can turn them into an hour-long blast. Your customers will thank you and you’ll thank us.

Microform Infomercial Production

Microform infomercials are ads under thirty seconds in length. Think the videos before YouTube ads or those pop-ups on the side of your favorite news site.

Microform infomercials are a complicated acorn to crack. They need to be quick and pack a punch. They need to connect with your audience from the first frame. That’s a lot to ask of any direct response ad.

In the land of microform infomercials, creativity is king. They have the potential to go viral, the potential to reach billions of customers, and that requires creativity out the wazoo.

Good thing we’re one hell of a creative company. We were created by artists and maintain an artistic aesthetic. Hey, that sounds pretty good…someone should produce an infomercial about that Call ASK now to find out how we can create a viral microform infomercial for you today!

Why Pick ASK for Your Infomercials?

At the end of the day, a perfectly produced infomercial is about one thing – selling your product. It doesn’t matter how well it’s shot if your call to actions aren’t effective. It doesn’t matter if the music evokes a certain emotion if your phones don’t start ringing.

ASK does that for you. We’re infomercial experts. We straddle the line between advertising and art, between corny and professional, between viral and traditional.

But don’t take our word for it, see what the Chicago White Sox say –

“Adam impressed me with both his creative eye behind the camera and his knowledge of the technological aspects of digital production. He got some great shots that really added to the overall quality of the final piece. In addition, he was friendly, easy to work with and took direction very well.”

– Tad Hathaway, 312 Media, Chicago White Sox.