Multi-Cam Production

From concerts to interviews, from sitcoms to live news coverage, the multi-camera setup is becoming more of a staple of the film production industry. Outer cameras capture the fine details of their recording through close-up shots, while the master camera captures the overtone and essence of the set. The feed is switched between various cameras to create a natural, sophisticated sequence of shots that you’re your viewer’s eyes fixed on the scene.

Multi-Cam Production: Real Time, Real Quality

Multi-camera production is the videographer’s Swiss army knife: portable, versatile and dynamic. It’s been the standard for shooting sitcoms, and in particular those shot before live audiences, due to the control it gives directors in otherwise unpredictable real-time scenarios. Using four, five, or even six cameras shooting from different angles, the director is able to switch between preferable feeds and serve the best one to the audience.

The expedience that multi-cam production affords makes it an indispensible component in far more than live-shot television. At ASK Media, it is our go-to method for live coverage of concerts, festivals and sporting events. Our HD fly-packs are ready to arrange and go within moments, and with a fleet of flyaway uplink systems at our disposal we are able to stream coverage live and in high definition. Give your viewers nothing but the best quality without wasting a moment’s time for edits or second takes!

What Multi-Camera Production is Used For

Shooting a corporate VNR, editing a bilingual training video – these things take time and precision, which the urgency of live coverage can seldom afford. Multi-cam production takes the techy hardware and complex software out of the equation. What it produces is sincere and organic, yet remains as elegant as the highest-budget Hollywood blockbuster.

Multi-cam produced videos can be shot, processed and packaged in mere moments. They may even stream live if and when such a scenario is called for – saving you the time and hassle of edits and post-production, whilst simultaneously allowing us to do what we do best: capturing those fleeting moments and imbuing them with permanence.

Why Choose ASK Media for Your Multi-Camera Production?

Since 2006, ASK Media has been the go-to production studio for capturing the energy and emotion of live events. Whether it’s the NFL draft in Chicago or Sunfest right here in South Florida, we’re always there to help you relive the excitement you felt in that instance – every second of every frame is a piece of that whole, inexpressible totality.

The world is your stage, and its people are your cast. No scripts, no rehearsals, no retakes – just raw movement and emotion encapsulated masterfully by the specialists here at ASK Media.