Music Videos

Remember that Jamiroquai music video where the room is shifting around him? It came out years ago, but I bet you know the one. How about Nirvana’s live performance on SNL? That’s old too, but it resonates and stays with viewers.

Those videos were years before our time, but nevertheless great examples of the power music and video have when combined in the perfect way. We know that perfect way. We make it happen. We’re your go to for truly exceptional music video production. We’re your one-stop music video shop. We have a long history of working with the best of the best from the music world.

Our experienced team of music video production specialists, including directors, has collaborated with a diverse range of artists, including Akon, Celine Dion, Enrique Iglesia, Fat Joe, Lil Wayne, Rock Ross, Shakira, and The Rolling Stones.

That list speaks for itself. Find out how we can produce the perfect music video for you below!

Music Video Directors

Music video directors aren’t hard to come by. Search the term in Google and you’ll find pages upon pages upon pages of results. Some of the directors might even be half decent too.

If you want your music video to be one-of-a-kind, if you want it to stay with viewers for years to come, then you don’t have to look any further. ASK Media isn’t some kid filming on his iPhone 6, mashing it up on his computer, and uploading it to YouTube.

We approach music video production and direction as any other art form – an opportunity for catharsis. We take pride in making each shot perfect and each frame express the powerful and personal force that is music.

To this end, we use the latest equipment (see our equipment page for details on cameras, etc.) and work with the best in the business. Our talented roster of music video directors includes Bobby Viera, Dominic Easter, and Walter Rodriguez.

Still not convinced we’re the music video production company for you? Call ASK today and learn how we can take your idea and turn it into a reality that’s lasting and timeless.

Live & Studio Performance Production

Maybe you don’t want a music video shot and edited, but want your band’s live performance turned into a feature level video. Maybe you want a professional quality video of you in the booth.

Whatever your live performance production need, ASK has you covered. We’ve shot music festivals the world over. Remember that music video production crew you saw filming Coachella last year? Yep, that was us.

We have you covered for any studio performance production needs too. We’ve worked with the artists and directors named above for more than one studio performance. We’re experts at how to take the often monotonous studio atmosphere and spice it up.

Electronic Press Kits

Remember when we said ASK Media was a one-stop shop for all things music video? We weren’t lying. Once your video, live, or studio performance is shot and edited – what then?

That’s when we flex our media muscle one more time and put together an award winning electronic press kit. We don’t upload your video to YouTube and Vimeo, let it rack up a few hundred views, and call it a day. Nope. We got above and beyond.

We use our graphic design skills to create a seriously impressive electronic press kit. After that, we send it to our HUGE array of connections in the music, media, and news world.

That’s what happens when you’ve been in business for a decade. You learn who the influencers and tastemakers are. You make invaluable contacts and they help you spread the word about the hottest new artists (that’s you).

We know who to send your electronic press kit to, where to advertise, and how to get results. It’s that simple.

Why Pick ASK for Your Music Video Production?

Look, we’re the best music video production company around. We know the best directors. We’ve worked with the biggest artists. We have a track record that most companies would kill for.

Why pick ASK Media for your music video production needs? Simple – you can’t afford not to. That’s not bragging, it’s the truth. We’re not the only ones who think that either. Hear what Noel Nickol from the ultra premium agency Colengelo had to say –

“Thank you so much for everything! You guys really killed it. Rest assured your name will be at the top of the list next time we’re shooting in FL – everyone was very impressed with your shots and the creativity you guys brought.”

– Noel Nickol, Colangelo, Agency