Training Videos

At its core, video production has always been about information and education. There’s no better way to learn how to do something that seeing exactly how it is done. The ability of videos to enhance and expedite the learning process has opened up the door to a world of almost limitless education possibilities, and ASK Media is here to bring those possibilities to fruition for you. Whether it’s for an online tutorial, webinar or corporate training video, our productions will be vibrant, fun and instructive. Your audience will learn, your employees will be more efficient, and your brand will be renowned for communications that stand out among the rest.

Why Produce a Training Video?

Professional and corporate institutions regularly make use of videos as a mode of communication and particularly of instruction. Every employee, from managers and executives to the rank-and-file staff, is inculcated with the responsibilities of their job as well as the codes of conduct that govern the workplace. Training videos may also be utilized for education on specific aspects of the work environment that may range from health, safety and first aid to race and gender sensitivity or proper salesmanship.

Training videos have become an indispensible hallmark of particularly large organizations staffed by thousands of personnel. They are necessary to ensure right and proper communication, which is made difficult by the massive bureaucracies that are necessary to conduct the daily operations of such organizations. Nevertheless, they are not the sole domain of corporate, government and educational bodies. Any one of the educational fields – from learning a second language to online tutorials on music production – can improve their efficacy and expand their audience with a creative and engaging video.

Our Training Video Production Process

Training videos can be essential to the knowledge and instructions you are trying to impart, but only if they are done right. Mundane, garden-variety video productions might come off as pedantic and can often be more conducive to daydreaming than real, quality learning. The utmost priority of any training video is engagement with the audience, and it is in this creative process that ASK Media excels.

Step 1: Outlining the Strategy

Training videos must have direction and rhythm, for even the briefest of tangents risks losing the attention of your audience. In order to delineate the purpose, structure and goals of your video, we collaborate with you to determine the:

  • Summary of the subject matter
  • Scope of the subject matter
  • Timeframe and schedule
  • Budget and expenses
  • Crew needed

Step 2: Storyboarding & Ideation

Every video tells a story, even if the viewer does not recognize it. The human mind is hardwired to recognize sequences and patterns, like the exposition and resolution of their favorite movie. Thus, it is our task to determine the story your training video will tell. Who are its characters? What is the focal point? The ability of your video to connect with the hearts and minds of your audience is critical.

3. Pre-Production & Practice

Once we have collaboratively settled on a vision of what you are trying to teach, it’s time to transform that vision into a reality. In spite of the assumption that training videos are less interactive, the pre-production phase is no less arduous than any other video. Live action training films rely on the sincerity and humanity of their casts, and conveying these features often requires multiple takes. Even screen captures are based on scripts that must be written, re-written and recited with the right inflection and tone.

4. Post-Production

Finally, we add those extra elements that the camera itself cannot capture: the soothing soundtrack that both stimulates and sedates, the closed captioning that can catch the inattentive eye, and the lighting and shadows that make this audiovisual experience just a little more palatable.

Education without inspiration is not education at all. It is tedium – there are millions of training videos fraught with little that can engage and truly speak to people. We want your video to stand out and be the one that does. Let us show you how we can take the black and white world of rules and instructions and fill it with color.