Arri Alexa

What family of industry-leading cameras has been a key ingredient in over five dozen Academy Awards, Golden Globe Awards, Primetime Emmy Awards, and Peabody Awards? The Arri Alexa — a camera who cinematographic portfolio comprises everything from Homeland and The Americans to American Sniper and Iron Man 3.

Now we’re not suggesting that the Alexa will immediately put you in the same stratum as Eastwood, Tarantino or Spielberg. On the other hand, it certainly can’t hurt, and our Arri Alexa camera rentals do have a tendency to turn talent into sheer brilliance.

A New Level of Versatility

Don’t think for a second that fast-action blockbusters or aesthetic cinema are the sole provinces of the Arri Alexa. This camera rental is one of the most modular pieces of equipment on the market.

For a wide range of native recording features, look nowhere else — ProRes or DNxHD, Log C or Rec 907 gamma. Plus it features the ARRI look functionality for perspectives and shots customized to your videography needs. And best of all, all file formats are embedded with the metadata you need to expedite your post-production and focus on the shot itself.

Natural, High-Quality Image

When Arri boasts of its integrated “color science,” it’s no exaggeration — our Arri Alexa rentals are able to both reproduce and separate any color to make it appear organic and flawless. The crisp, clean images it produces make the Alexa original a great choice for shooting 2K, 4K UHD, 4K cine, and high definition.

When it comes to signal processing, any producer knows that HDR is the way to go. Yet the Arri Alexa rental still gives new meaning to highdynamic, and range. It uses the Arri test chart to measure over 14 stops of dynamic range and deliver highlights that reduce strays and stay clean. Plus, the noise floor is low, and it is able to endure almost any surplus or lack of exposure.

Safe, Industry-Standard Operation

The safety and comfort of Arri cameras is rarely in question, but we assure you that when you rent the Arri Alexa from ASK Media Productions you get not only quality, but ease-of-use. It incorporates a cooling system, sealed electronics, lens stability, and self-repairing metadata technology, not to mention an extremely efficient ergonomic design.

The Arri Alexa is small and lightweight, and it is 100% compatible with every industry standard: from lens mounts to card compatibility, software integration to inputs and outputs.

Don’t wait to take your productions to the next level with anything less than the best. Get your Arri Alexa Rental from ASK Media Productions today!