In the land of training videos, bi-lingual is king. Okay…that’s a little corny and not always the truth, but it sounds good, right?

Workplace training videos aren’t all that fun. There’s no sexy or intriguing way to describe them. Still, they’re a vital and necessary part of your company’s success.

Why? Because they allow employees to learn your company’s culture, the proper way of doing things, and how to succeed as a member of [insert awesome company name here, LLC].

On board with the importance of training videos? Good, ‘cause we’re about to throw a curveball – your training videos need to be in multiple languages!

It’s 2015. We live in an increasingly interconnected world. Chances are your company has multiple cultures within it and with multiple cultures comes multiple languages.

The Importance of Using Multiple Languages

Hiring an employee is about more than simply having a warm body fill a cubicle. It’s about finding the perfect jigsaw piece and fitting that piece successfully into your company. It’s also about fitting your company into your employee’s life.

Think about how unsuccessful you’re going to be at that if your employee shows up for training and can’t understand a word being said. That’s not only poor business, it’s a poor representation of your ethics and multiculturalism.

So make your training videos in multiple languages. It’s an investment in your employees, your PR efforts, and – most importantly – in doing the right thing.

Take us for example. ASK Media is based out of South Florida. You best believe we produce internal videos in English, Spanish, French, and Creole. Know why? Because it fosters a community among those who see them, employee or not.

Don’t be that guy or girl who alienates employees from day one. Nobody likes that boss and nobody works hard for that company. That’s just fact.

Why Choose ASK Media for Your Bi-Lingual Training Videos?

Why choose ASK for your bi-lingual training videos? Because we believe in fostering a sense of community among your company. Because we believe in the power of quality leadership. Because we believe in your employees.

Okay, we’re veering dangerously close to getting corny again. Look at the black and white facts – your business is about more than simply selling products. Your business is about your brand and how others engage with your unique story.

If your employees can’t engage with your brand, how are others going to? If you can’t even captivate the people who you’re paying to work, you’re not going to captivate others. You’re not going to compel potential customers to purchase anything and you’re not going to grow.

It might sound sentimental, precious, or even ridiculous, but it’s the truth.

Why choose ASK Media to produce bi-lingual training videos for your business? Because we’re branding experts and, at their core, happy employees are an offshoot of quality branding.

Call us today to learn more about how our multiple language training videos can benefit your company!