Broadcast HD

You own a business. You want to promote your business, but your target-market is ultra-specific. Your geographical location is limited to a few select zip codes. Your budget is tight, and your staff is thin. How do you advertise, given all these limitations? Broadcast HD commercials are your answer — and ASK Media is just the production and promotion agency to get the job done for you!

What are Broadcast HD Commercial Videos?

We’ve all seen the big-name brand commercials on cable. We love them, we laugh at them, we live by them. Adidas, Coca-Cola and Mercedes-Benz can all advertise on the big screen because they are, themselves, big. Their companies are big and their budgets are even bigger. We think nothing of it to see these brands promoting themselves because that’s the norm. Yet, it’s anything but normal to see an ad for a local mom and pop store come on after it. Right?

Wrong. Most smaller businesses will forego TV media purchases before even considering them. It’s a predetermined fact that commercials are too expensive, so they opt for print. They go for the radio. Even the Internet, while relatively new as a promotional medium for business, is considered much more affordable and exponentially more scalable.

A generation ago, these sentiments would be undeniably true. Yet, ASK Media has helped dozens of local firms promote their name to highly specific markets while sticking to their budgets. How did we do this? Broadcast HD commercials is the answer. In the past few decades, the number of television stations on both cable and broadcast has exploded. With sheer quantity comes diversity, scalability and affordability — in short, everything that was once the exclusive province of a few big brands. Now, it can now be yours, too.

How Broadcast HD Commercials Work

To explain the nature of broadcast HD commercials, let us take the example of a traditional media purchase. You want to visually reach consumers with a well-placed ad, so you strategize accordingly and place a bid on a commercial spot. Which one do you choose? You can run your ad on Comedy Central in between segments of the Daily Show, which boasts an average of 2.3 million viewers on any given night it airs. Or, you can run it during an episode of The Big Bang Theory, which has about one million less viewers but happens to be extremely popular among your target audience.

Running the first ad would mean capturing an enormous audience that is nationwide in scale. You’re paying for each one of those consumers to watch your commercial, yet some of them will never buy your product. They can’t be convinced. They’re not in your target market. Meanwhile, the second option — the broadcast HD option, which runs on CBS — reaches your exact audience on a personal level. It’s smaller in sheer quantity, but this fact doesn’t matter. With broadcast HD, you can gain the same number of new customers at a mere fraction of the cost.

Why Choose ASK Media for Your Broadcast HD Commercials?

At ASK Media Productions, producing and promoting businesses on broadcast HD is what we do. We have the creative eye to know what your audience wants. We have the strategic experience to know how to deliver what they want. We have the personal connections in the broadcast HD industry to ensure they get what they want from you at the right time, on the right channel, in the right area.

Don’t waste a cent advertising on a medium that delivers anything less than exponential growth. That’s what broadcast HD commercials do, and that’s what ASK Media does. Let us show you. Start your project today!