Canon 5D Mark III

Few industry professionals or enthusiasts know where Canon’s EOS series gets its name: from Eos, the Greek goddess of the dawn. And yet no other name could be more fitting, for a new day of videography will dawn for you when you rent the Canon 5D Mark III, one of Canon most highly rated and acclaimed video cameras.

Less Edits, More Production

Spend more time on what truly drives your creative work with a Canon 5D Mark III rental, which will cut your post-production time in half with HDR and Multiple Exposure modes. Using the latter mode, you can combine into a single file four distinct exposure settings that include:

  • Additive: Layers each exposure (with manual compensation required)
  • Average: Layers each image and automatically compensates for the final exposure
  • Bright: Great for emphasizing the contrast between a bright subject and a dark object
  • Dark: Compensates for brightness and artifacts, such as reflections, in a darker environment

Give your photographic stills a more organic and natural feel with HDR (High Dynamic Range) mode, which allows you to achieve a dynamic luminosity that is otherwise only accomplished by the naked eye. In HDR mode, the Canon 5D Mark III brackets three exposures of the same image and combines them into one frame. What results is an image so appealing, so devoid of blemishes that nature herself could hardly replicate its perfection.

Mobile, Versatile Design

The durable body and easy accessibility that comes with the Canon 5D Mark III has made it an ASK Media favorite for shooting on the road and in live-action settings. The hardwearing magnesium alloy of its exterior makes it resistant to dust and the elements, but this certainly doesn’t compromise its comfort.

The Canon 5D Mark III incorporates an ergonomic design that lightens the strain on your hand, freeing it up to adjust your settings, check your image and much more! With a grip that’s soft and easy to the touch, you can hold and carry this camera all day long without any loss of comfort.

Additional Features of the Canon 5D Mark III

Our Canon 5D Mark III rentals also include a diverse host of features such as:

  • DIGIC 5+ Image Processor
  • 14-bit A/D conversion
  • ISO range of up to 102400
  • 61-point high density reticular autofocus
  • 63-zone dual-layer metering sensor
  • Full HD video recording in multiple frame rates
  • Still image recording of up to 6fps
  • Shutter speed of up to 150,000 cycles
  • Silent shutter speed option
  • 1,040,000-dot 3.2″ Clear View II LCD monitor for image review
  • Intelligent Viewfinder with exposure data and 100% field of view
  • CF and SD memory card support

Don’t wait to step up to a new, professional level of video production — it can’t be done without the Mark III! Call ASK Media Productions to secure your Canon 5D Mark III rental today!