Canon C300/C100

Since we’ve been renting cameras, the Canon “C” series has consistently been one of our most popular pieces of equipment. And it’s a personal favorite for use in our own work here at ASK Media Productions.

Comprising both the Canon C300 and the C100, its sleek, technologically advanced successor, our Canon C camera rentals are guaranteed to make your productions smooth. If you want the highest of high definitions, ultra-clean shots and an almost unlimited range of production possibilities, these are the cameras you’ve been looking for.

Canon C300 Rentals

There’s a reason why high quality image performance has become synonymous with Canon Inc. That reason is the Canon C300. With an 8.29 mp CMOS image sensor — one of the highest pixel sizes in the industry — the C300 effortlessly enhances each image while eliminating signal errors.

With a CMOS sensor that reads 1920 x 1080 pixels of RGB in high definition, your light sensitivity have never been more eloquent. Plus, with the ability to attain up to 1,000 horizontal TV lines in high resolution, you will eliminate superimposed line patterns to make your photographs look more crisp than they’ve ever been.

Canon C100 Rentals

If you thought video production couldn’t get any better than the C300, think again. A few years ago, Canon released the C100. With this piece of superb equipment comes an entirely new world of possibilities, on top of the near-limitless functionality of the C300.

When you rent the Canon C100, you get a camera that is 15% smaller and more compact than the C300, and is therefore more mobile. Yet, the C100 does not sacrifice function for form. It’s one of the most modular cameras on the market, with Time Code-embedded HDMI output, manual control over audio and video, and an AVCHD codec that records at 24 Mbps.

With every Canon C100 rental also comes a push-to-focus button and a new, more convenient location of the LCD that makes for a more comfortable recording experience. Last but not least, the C100 can integrate with almost every Canon lens to provide your productions with an infinite array of angles, foci and perspectives — all so that you can find that perfect shot and take it.

Canon C100 & C300 Rentals

The world of video production is certainly big enough for these two cameras to work alongside each other, and we’ve combined the C100 with the C300 for a number of projects we’ve done. Some things the C100 lacks, but are available when you rent the Canon C300, include 4:2:2 MPEG-2 internal recording, HD-SDI and GenLock capabilities, and 60p recording at 720p. At the same time, it’s hard to deny the convenience that auto-focus and auto iris provide when they can be achieved with a single push on the C100.

Renting both cameras in tandem, you get the best of both worlds. The Canon C100 comes especially handy as a B camera, capturing the intricate details in close-up shots while the C300 provides wider perspectives, its 50 Mbps 4:2:2 XF codec recording more image information with much less compression.

Rent the Canon C300, the C100 or both to bring your video productions and photography to a new and unexperienced level of professionalism and quality. Call us to rent today or inquire about prices!