Director of Photography

When it comes to how your media looks, the artistic integrity of a particular frame, the most important member of your crew is the cinematographer. Also known as the director of photography, this is your go to person for all things visual.

With the ability to make or break any project, your cinematographer better be the best around. With so much responsibility at their fingertips, your director of photography better know how to make each shot perfect.

The director of photography is also in charge of all the camera crews. They’re responsible for making the tough decisions and leading the troops into battle. They better be prepared!

Look, without giving into hyperbole, your cinematographer is one of the most important people on your team. They’re right up there with the director, producer, and financier.

If you’re making a commercial video, the director of photography better know how to frame your product in the best light. If you’re filming live music, your cinematographer better know how to capture the intensity and passion of the band.

That’s when ASK becomes your go to resource. We have relationships with the absolute best cinematographers working today.

We Know the Best Cinematographers Around

Seriously, we do. The men and women that ASK Media will connect you with are creative geniuses. They’re at the top of the artistic and commercial photography worlds.

And isn’t that who you want working on your shoot? Someone who knows the right angle to film from under any circumstance? Someone who knows when to switch camera crews? Someone who knows when the lighting is?

Those are the people we’ll hook you up with at ASK. Our extended team of professional cinematographers initiatively know how to take your video to the next level. They feel it in their bones and you’ll feel it in yours after seeing the work they do.

Call us today to learn more about how we’ll take you from the minors to the majors!

Why Choose ASK Media?

Why choose ASK Media to get you an amazing director of photography? Because we already have those relationships in place. We’ve worked cinematographers who know how to literally take your breath away.

Why trust ASK Media for all your camera crew needs? Because we’ve been doing this for a decade. That’s ten years of hard earned expertise and excellence.

Why work with ASK Media on the cinematography of your media project? Because brands like Prince, Zyrtec, AG, and the Chicago White Sox already have. If we’ve delivered for them, we’ll deliver for you. Period.