Let’s play out a hypothetical situation. You’re a relatively new company and you’re shooting your first national commercial. You have the money, you have the ideas, you ever have a famous face who’s agreed to deliver your amazing tagline.

Everything looks good so far. You’re ready to go and step from the minors to the majors. But wait, you don’t have a production crew. How do you ever hire a production crew?

After a quick Google search, your jaw is on the floor because production staffing agencies are so expensive. You have the perfect idea to sell a million units, but how are you going to advertise without a director?

That’s where ASK Media becomes invaluable. We’re your go to production staffing company. We’re your go to I-need-a-director-today company. We’re your one stop video and digital media agency.

You need a director? Look no further. We’ve built a diverse array of connections over the last decade. We have the perfect director for whatever project you’re working on.

Our Director Services

Whether you need a commercial director who can capture your brand’s message and transform it into sales, an auteur who can film shots so beautiful no one can watch your video for more than a minute without weeping, or anything in between – ASK knows who to get.

That’s our biggest asset and what sets us apart from other director staffing agencies. We have connections. We know the best directors in the business for your company’s niche.

Look, the director is one of the most important people on any shoot. They’re the ones in charge of making sure the audience will experience an emotional connection with your video.

It doesn’t matter if that video is long-form, short-form, micro, online, offline, in color, in black and white, designed to sell products, designed to raise brand awareness…we think you get the point.

It doesn’t matter what you’re filming, you want the best. That’s what ASK Media promises you. Call us now and tell us what your project is. We’ll handle the rest.

Why Choose ASK Media?

Here comes the hard sell. Here comes the perfect pitch about why ASK is the company to turn to if you need a director.

Actually, you know what? We’re not going to hard sell you. Check out some of the videos on our site. Browse through our Facebook, Twitter, and Vimeo. Look at the breathtaking work our team of directors have created.

More importantly, look at the results we’ve achieved and the satisfied customers we have. Why should you hire ASK Media if you need a director? Because companies like Mercedes Benz, Nike, Dunlop Sport, and AOL already have. It’s that simple.