Event Photography

Professional sports and music festivals? We do it. Banquets, galas and award ceremonies? We have you covered. For any and all of your professional event photography needs, look no further than ASK Media Productions: South Florida’s go-to photography agency for almost any occasion!

What We Do

We put our hearts and souls into every project we take on. We know how much that perfect photo can mean to you, and we ensure that each and every shot we deliver will live up to that ideal.

We specialize in event photography in almost any form, from the small to the monumental. Events that we have, or are capable of, photographing for include:

  • Concerts
  • Outdoor Festivals
  • Sports Games
  • Dinners & Banquets
  • Parties & After-Parties
  • Product/Art Exhibitions
  • Grand Openings & Product Launches
  • Holiday Celebrations
  • Award Ceremonies
  • Special Events

Why Choose ASK Media?

High-caliber event photographers can be hard to come by, for capturing the spontaneous and realistic essence of a live event is quite unlike photographing in a studio. The photographer must be patient but not idle, present but not interruptive, courteous but not deferential.

Successful event photography thus requires the right amount of skill, diligence and expertise, all of which the team at ASK Media is renowned for. But how exactly is “success” defined here? It means fully engaging oneself in the goings-on of the event, letting their presence be known but also making sure not to get in anyone’s way. It means knowing how and when to snap a candid, and how and when to snap that perfect shot in that fleeting moment. It means arriving early and leaving late, producing quality and delivering quickly.

Above all, an event is photographed successfully when it becomes more than an event – when it becomes a living and vivid memory that lives forever in picture. That’s ASK Media does – call to have us photograph for your event and see for yourself!