Gaffers/Grips & Lighting Tech’s

Gaffers and lighting technicians are some of the most underrated workers on any film set. They’re also some of the most important.

Think about it – if a particular shot isn’t lit or wired right, or is rigged wrong, what’s going to happen? It’s going to look like horrible and need a reshoot. That’s where finding the perfect gaffer, grip, and lighting techs become vital to the success of any media production.

It doesn’t matter if you’re filming video, taking photos, or doing something else entirely. It doesn’t matter if you’re producing live concert footage, a music video, or a behind-the-scenes documentary. It doesn’t matter – you need the lighting to be right.

Well, lucky for you, we’re ASK Media. Not only are we the premier equipment rental service, but we’ll help you staff any crew. We’ll connect you with the best gaffers, grips, and lighting techs working today.

The Perfect Gaffer

Gaffers are sometimes referred to as the Chief Lighting Technician. Not only are they responsible for managing all things lighting – from designing and setting up light panels to finding reliable and skilled lighting techs to executing the right shots – but they’re also the head electrician on a production.

Gaffers are vital to the success of your shoot. They report directly to the cinematographer and are one of the most dynamic, hands on, day-to-day, members of your film crew.

It’s not hyperbole to say you need the perfect gaffer. You need someone who eats, sleeps, and breathes lighting. You need someone who can manage others well. You need someone who knows electrical wiring, someone who knows which shortcuts to take and which to avoid.

You need the perfect gaffer and we know the perfect gaffer. It’s kismet ladies and gentlemen, kismet.

The Perfect Grip

Grips are lighting and rigging techs who report directly to the gaffer. They’re the gaffer’s right hands on set, the crucial link between vision and reality. Although they perform dozens of duties, the two main areas you need to consider when hiring a grip are your cameras and your lighting set-ups.

Grips are your go to camera people. They make sure your cameras are safely, securely, and seamlessly set up. They make sure your scene is ready to be shot wherever you are.

Want to film a shot on top of the Empire State Building? Better have a great grip. Want to film underwater? Better make sure your grip is up to the task.

The other main concern of grips is to make sure all your lighting is set up properly. For this, they’re second only to your Director of Photography. With lighting playing such an important role in the aesthetic of any scene, shot, or picture – you’re grip better be perfect.

We know the best grips in the world. Call ASK today to learn how we can hook you up with the best of the best.

The Perfect Lighting Techs

If gaffers and grips are the ones who make sure everything is set up right and manager the rest of the lighting crew – if they’re your generals – then your lighting techs are your soldiers on the front lines.

These are the people who make sure your lights are working, wired correctly, in the right place, and filling the needed spaces. They’re the ones who do passive fills, negative fills, and blackouts.

Lighting techs are the ones who make sure your lights are rigged correctly and safely. They’re the ones who operate moving lights and sometimes even camera cranes.

You want to make sure your lighting techs know what they’re doing. After all, you wouldn’t hire a director who’d never stepped behind a camera. Don’t hire a lighting tech who’s never rigged something. It may seem simple, but it isn’t – trust us!

Why Choose ASK Media For Your Lighting Crew?

Why hire ASK to staff your lighting crew? Why not post an ad on Craigslist and call it a day? Why use ASK to get you the perfect gaffer, grip, and lighting techs? Simple – we’ll get you the perfect gaffer, grip, and lighting techs.

Look, we know what producing video is like. We’ve been there and are still there on a daily basis. We know the intricacies and tiny details that can make or break any project.

Don’t trust your commercial to Craigslist. Don’t trust your corporate video to amateurs. Trust ASK Media. We have a decade of high quality video production work under our belts. We know how to turn the good to great and the great to unforgettable.

Call us today and tell us your project. We’ll do the rest. It’s really that simple.