Hair/ Makeup & Stylist

The hair and makeup department are often thought of as somehow less important or necessary on a set. This simply isn’t true. In fact, the hair and makeup stylists are the backbone of your entire project.

Think about it – let’s say you’re filming a music video. It’s been a long day in the sun. Everyone’s exhausted and sweating. They look beat down and definitely not like they’re having the time of their life.

Is that the look you want showing up in your video? Of course not! You want the women to look alluring, seductive, and sexy and the men to look mysterious and devastatingly handsome.

That’s where hair stylists and makeup artists take center stage. They make sure your actors look exactly like they’re supposed to. They reflect the emotion and aesthetic of any particular scene in how your actors are styled.

Well, it just so happens that ASK Media are experts at hair and makeup. We’ve worked with some of the biggest celebrities out there. We’re talking Usher and Flo Rida. You better believe they spent some time in the makeup and hair department.

Call us today to learn how we can hook you up with the most creative makeup artists and best hair stylists in the game!

Makeup Artists

When it comes to the makeup department, you’re talking about four vital positions. There’s the key makeup artist, the makeup supervisor, the hands on makeup artists, and the special effects artist.

The key makeup artist is the boss. They’re in charge of everyone else in the department and oversee all things aesthetic. They’re also the one who has to answer to director. You better believe they’re pros!

The key makeup artist not only handles the strategy for the entire project, they also get their hands dirty. They’ll apply makeup to the leading actors in a film or commercial or handle the top models in a show.

The makeup supervisor is the right hand of the key artist. They’re the ones who make sure everyone – including the potentially diva actors – are on time and everything is running smoothly. Although they rarely do makeup themselves, they can in a pinch. The makeup supervisor is also the connection between the makeup department and the rest of the production.

The hands on makeup artists are the men and women in the trenches. They handle the makeup on most of the cast for any particular project. We’re talking supporting roles right down to extras.

The special effects makeup artist, also known as the SFX artist, takes care of anything and everything effects or prosthetic. If you’re filming a horror movie, these are your go to guys and gals. If you’re filming a commercial where you need the food to look a certain way, the SFX artist takes care of it.

Basically, the special effects makeup artist is the one responsible for anything extra. It’s important to get a skilled artist because, to go back to the horror movie, do you want your monster to look scary or funny? That’s what we thought!

Hair Stylists

When it comes to hair stylists, there are two major positions to fill. There’s the key hair and the hair stylists.

The key hair stylist is your golden key to success (pun certainly intended!). This is the man or woman who handles the hair of your stars. We’re talking lead actors and lead singers, people who don’t settle for “looking okay.”

The key hair is as much a therapist as they are a hair stylist. They make sure your actors are pumped up and ready to go. Don’t get a second-rate key stylist. Trust us when we say you’ll live to regret it.

The hair stylist, or stylists, takes care of everyone else in your project. They handle the hair of supporting actors, minor roles, and extras. Just like the hands on makeup artists, they’re the ones in the trenches each day. They’re the ones who make sure everyone else looks as good as your stars.

Why Choose ASK Media For Your Hair & Makeup Team?

Why choose us for to get you the best hair and makeup artists around? Because we know how important looking good is to any production. It doesn’t matter if you’re shooting a long-form infomercial, a music video, a passion project, or a viral video – your actors need to look stunning.

We’ve been doing this for years. We know the right makeup artist to call in any specific situation. We know the right hair stylists to take care of any job. We are experts and we know even more experts.

Still need convincing? Call us today to learn more about how our hair and makeup teams can take your project to the next level!