HD Fly-Packs

Whether we’re covering Miami’s acclaimed Ultra Music Festival or the NFL draft in Chicago, you can always count on one consistent feature of a live multi-cam ASK Media production. That feature is uncompromised quality. How does ASK Media Productions do it? In a real-life setting, how do we produce a single frame that hasn’t lost a pixel of resolution or a decibel of sound? The answer is: HD flypacks.

What are HD Flypacks?

HD flypacks are our secret weapon in live event and multi-camera video productions. While our camera operators are on the front lines of the production, our technicians operate behind the scenes in the flypack. They control the input feeds and output feeds. They adjust the shots and make the cuts in real-time — all so that ASK Media can deliver what we promise: absolute perfection in every single frame.

Flypacks are essentially video control rooms, much like the ones utilized in a studio setting. However, they are designed to take the structure and technology of the production studio and make it mobile. Like the video remote trucks you have seen in television news coverage, they provide every necessity for as many inputs as are needed.

Yet, they also go above and beyond what video trucks can accomplish. Our HD flypacks shoot in high definition and provide our camera operators with a highly modular setup for capturing the scene in high definition. Every lens, every camera, every input and output is accounted for so that we may exceed your expectations, no matter how high they might be.

Why Choose ASK Media’s HD Flypacks for Live Coverage?

Our HD flypacks are available for both rent and use by ASK Media to cover your live event, whatever it may be. When you choose to produce live action videos in high-def with us, you can be assured that our state-of-the-art HD flypacks are a core part of the deal. With them, our cameramen and technicians will have access to a robust array of routers, timing modules and distribution loads. They will have the mobility and flexibility needed to produce the absolute finest live coverage available, with a quality so grand that you’d soon mistake it for a studio production.

If this sounds like an exaggeration, take a look at our videos to see exactly what our HD flypacks are capable of — and what ASK Media will be capable of when we shoot your live event. Start that project now by giving us a call today!