HD Satellite Uplink

HD satellite uplink technology — this is the Lexus of live multi-camera film production. In swiftness, it uplinks and downlinks at the rapid speed of light. In geographical scope, it can reach any computer screen in any city anywhere on the map. And as far as quality is concerned… the name high definition satellite uplink says it all.

What are HD Satellite Uplinks?

HD satellite uplink is serious, professional technology. It’s widely used by government and law enforcement bodies, from homeland security to public utilities. It’s recently become a tool of the trade in live streaming and event coverage, and ASK Media Productions has been at the forefront of HD satellite uplink videography since our founding in 2006.

The core component in HD satellite uplink coverage is the satellite truck, which houses the satellite terminal on its chassis to allow relay and transmission from anywhere on Earth. In the satellite truck is all the equipment ASK Media will need to shoot and uplink your live production in high definition:

  • Multiple switches
  • A variety of video cameras
  • Character generators
  • Digital on-screen graphics
  • Video recorders
  • Video servers

What HD Satellite Uplinks are Used For

Satellite trucks are the tools used for news-gathering in tropical storms and war zones. They’re highly mobile and modular, but not called for in every production scenario. At ASK Media Productions, they are the go-to instruments for a variety of live events that require multiple camera operators. We have used, and continue to implement them, whenever we are hired to shoot:

  • Concerts
  • Festivals
  • Outdoor events
  • Special events
  • News coverage
  • Mobile satellite tours

HD satellite uplink is especially handy when you want to live stream your event. If you want to feed your audience live coverage of this year’s NFL draft, satellite uplink is the way to go. If you want to showcase the new Pioneer turntables at WMC Miami, HD satellite uplink will have it on Facebook, Vimeo and YouTube before you can even blink.

Why Choose HD Satellite Uplink With ASK Media?

Shooting in HD with a satellite truck is not for the layman. It is not even for the upstart camera technician that has shot dozens of TV commercials in the studio. The technology is advanced and intimidating. The work is challenging and rigorous. One wrong move and your live stream is compromised, your audience disappointed and your investment squandered.

Here at ASK Media, we are comprised of and work with only the best — both in crew and in equipment. Our HD satellite uplink gear can integrate with any system, compress any format and uplink at any speed. Our trained crew can operate this gear with unmatched expertise and precision all so you can have only the highest quality live streaming video. Let us show you what we can do for you by starting a project with us today!