Live Multi-Cam

Live multi-cam video production — this is the bare-knuckled boxing of the film industry. There are no stages to be set, no casts to be directed. There is just raw and powerful imagery.

Live multi-cam is ASK Media’s go-to production method whenever the crowds are cheering. It is what we use to shoot the hands waving, the DJs spinning, and the infinite, indescribable sounds that could never emanate from a production studio. It’s what we’ll use to film your live event… and in the hands of the cameramen here at ASK Media, it will not disappoint.

How Live Multi-Cam Production Works

Every Sunday that you watch the football game with your friends, you are witnessing live-multi cam production. Every frame of concert footage you’ve seen on Youtube is the work of one, two or three cameramen working vigorously to capture that perfect moment in a real-time setting.

Multi-cam videography is more than just the use of two or more cameras. It implies at least double the work and double the crew as a studio environment. And, because it is by definition live, it also takes hard-earned experience and discipline to run prevalently throughout the crew.

When undertake live event coverage with multiple cameras, it is imperative that we utilize the right gear. We come to each event equipped with the finest cameras, switchers and monitors, all of which are consistent in quality so your audience can view two frames from two different cameras without recognizing the difference.

Inside ASK Media Productions’ toolbox, you will find all the necessary technology to produce nothing less than perfection. Our equipment will include:

  • Crew & Cameras – We utilize a minimum of one man per camera, and often more if the case calls for it. Each camera captures a different angle or perspective, and all these feeds go directly to the master feed for switching.
  • Switcher, Mixer & SEG –  Switching and mixing remains at the heart of live multi-cam video production. These are the devices that switch signals from camera A to camera B, from camera B to camera C. ASK Media also uses special effects generators (SEGs) to add that special something in an otherwise organic video shoot, whether transitioning, chromakeying or fading out frames.
  • Monitor – All live cam production requires a minimum of one monitor, but sometimes we use up to two: one to monitor output, the other to view the signal as it would be after production.

Why Choose ASK Media for Your Live Multi-Cam Production?

Live multi-cam video production is for hardened experts only. If you think someone in the audience can match our precision, our speed and our uncompromised quality with a mere camcorder, think again.

Producing, crewing, directing and finishing live multi-cam videos requires the right equipment. It requires the right crew to use that equipment. It requires the right attitude, one rife with patience, diligence and effort. Last but not least, it requires the artistry to execute — to know when that perfect shot is coming, to know how it should be capture it, and to capture it.

These qualities are why ASK Media is one of the most sought-after media agencies for live multi-cam production. We have the knowledge. We have the skill. We have the creativity. We have everything you need to create an unforgettable video. Get started with that video by calling us to start your project today!