Live Performance

Ah, live performance music videos. The redheaded stepchild of the music world. The often lamented and rarely taken seriously…okay, you get it.

Here’s the thing – there’s nothing, nothing, more powerful than live music. Seriously, if you can name one type of art that has the same impact of live music, we’ll shoot your music video for free.

A live music video can capture the attention of millions through showcasing the raw emotion and energy of your music. That’s if it’s done right. Well, lucky for you, ASK is the live music video production company.

Find out why below and then call us. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed when your video is racking up millions of views.


Filming a live music video is as simply as setting up some cameras and recording your band, right? WRONG. That’s amateur hour. That’s sloppy and doesn’t convey your music’s story. Hell, that doesn’t convey anything.

So, what story are you trying to tell? What emotions are you trying to stir up?

We’ll translate those to video. Just call ASK and tell us a little about yourself, your music, etc. Play us a few songs. We’ll take care of the rest. We’ll sculpt that narrative around your music.

When filming a music video, live or studio, it’s important to think about it like a major movie shoot. There are things like crewing, camera angles, lighting, sound (duh), cinematography, and so much more to consider.

That’s where we shine. We’re video production experts. We have ten years experience under our belts. We know how to turn the good into great and the great into extraordinary.


After filming comes post-production. This is when we take your footage, disappear into our lair for a few weeks, and emerge with a video translation of your music’s emotion and power.

We don’t want to bore you with the details, but rest assured that we’re pros. We’ve been mixing, tweaking, mastering, and generally kicking ass in the post-production world for a long time.

We know what to do to turn your live performance into something as memorable as Eric Clapton at Red Rocks (we know, we’re dating ourselves with that one).

Why Choose ASK Media for Your Live Music Video?

Why choose ASK Media for your live music video? ‘Cause we’re experts at all things live music. We’re experts at all things music video. What more needs to be said?

We’re the guys who figured out that peanut butter and jelly go together…if peanut butter means your music and jelly means that music live.

Okay, that last one was kind of lame. It’s hard to come with a million ways to say ASK is the best live music video production team out there! After all, we’re not writers and lyricists – that’s your job!

You know what? Just call us and tell us a bit about your music. We’ll take care of the rest.