Location Services

What’s the most important rule of both real estate and video production? Location, location, location!

Okay, that was pretty corny, but also 100% true. You don’t want to find the perfect location to shoot – you need to find the perfect location. Well, it’s your lucky day because ASK knows the perfect location for whatever project you have in mind.

Shooting a music video? We know the streets and clubs to visit. Filming a commercial? We have the perfect studio spots. Want a photo shoot that’s both unique and universal at the same time? Call us up – we know exactly where you need to go.

Location Managers

When you’re talking location managers, it’s important to remember both the actual location manager and the assistant location manger.

The big boss, the head of the show, is the location manager. He manages the rest of the location department and reports directly to the head honchos of any project. He’s the guy in charge of obtaining permission to shoot somewhere and in large cities that isn’t an easy task.

The location manager also handles all things finance. He’s responsible for working with other departments to maintain a location budget and film labor costs. He’s wearing five different hats and looking good in each one!

The assistant location manager is not only the big guy’s go to resource, but also handles the day to day of production. This includes things like making sure the camera and lighting crews are equipped and ready to film in a specific location, scouting potential locations, and evaluating suggestions from location scouts.

Location Scouts

Location scouts are the men and women who go out in the field and find the perfect spots to film.

They’re the brave souls you see wandering down alleyways at night. They’re the ones you see in the middle of nowhere, fingers up in the shape of a diamond.

You may catch a glimpse of a location scout from the corner of your eye, but believe us – you’ll never catch one head one. They’re too busy. By the time you’ve turned to see if that really was a rare, elusive location scout – they’re already onto the next potential location.

That was kind of silly, but also the truth. Location scouts are the people out in the field, looking for jaw dropping places to film. They’re rarely on set ‘cause there are always more locations to find.

Location Assistants

Location assistants have the longest job in show business and also one of the most thankless. They’re the first people to arrive each morning and the last to leave each night. They’re like underwear gnomes – coming and going and making sure no one knows a production crew was ever there.

Location assistants are the ones who show up before everyone else and let the set dressers in for preparation. They make sure everything is running smoothly during production (this includes taking the brunt of complaints from pissed off locals). Then, at the end of the day, they clean everything up and make sure the location is left spotless.

The location production assistant has similar responsibilities, but always ahead of time or after a production. That was kind of confusing. What we mean is that location production assistants are either setting a location up for filming or breaking a location down.

Why Choose ASK Media For Your Location Crew?

Why pick ASK Media for your location services? The answer’s simple – because we know exactly where you should film.

We’ve been doing this for a decade. We’ve been around the world and back again. We’ve seen every nook and cranny this planet has on it. We may or may not have climbed Mt. Everest. We know the right location for any type of project.

On the incredibly slim chance (really it’s like 1 in 1,000,000) that we don’t have a perfect location already in mind – we know who to call to find that perfect location.

Call ASK now and tell us what type of project you’re working on. We’ll tell you a location. Seriously, we’re like savants of location scouting. Try us out, you won’t be disappointed!