Nobody wants to talk about long-form infomercials. Them’s the facts. Guess what though? That gives you a unique advantage.

Long-form infomercials – between a half hour and hour in length – are widely regarded as the bottom feeders of the advertising world. Probably because most are corny and don’t sell products.

That’s where ASK shines. We know how to produce infomercials that have the potential to go viral. We know how to produce infomercials that capture and hold the attention of customers. We know how to produce infomercials that sell your product.

And since most brands are shying away from advertising via long-form, you have a real advantage in the marketplace. You can shape what consumers see, how they think, and, most importantly, how they buy.

The Benefits of Long-Form

While long-form infomercials offer a number of advantages over traditional advertising, cost and reach being two of the largest, the biggest advantage is…none of the above!

The biggest advantage of long-form is the audience themselves. If you’ve crafted a well wrought and persuasive piece of media – ASK’s specialty – then your audience is almost guaranteed to convert.

Think about it – because of the stigma associated with most infomercials, anyone that watches them for more than a minute is going to have a high conversion percentage.

That’s where we, the fine folks at ASK Media, really hit it out of the park. We know how to film a long-form infomercial that holds your audiences’’ attention. We know how to film a long-form infomercial that converts. It’s that simple.

Why Choose ASK Media for Your Long-Form Infomercial?

Why choose ASK? Simple – you can’t afford not to. The world of infomercials, be they long, short, or micro, is one with no room for mistakes. It’s one packed to the brim with corny and unconvincing video.

Don’t be just another company that gives stoners something to laugh to at four in the morning.

If your infomercial doesn’t capture the audience right away, say goodbye to your bottom line. If your infomercial doesn’t show your product in the absolute best light, say goodbye to calls or online orders.

Look, we’re pros at this. ASK Media has been slinging awesome video for a decade. A decade! That’s longer than 99% of these other “media experts” out there. Why choose us? Because we have a track record of success.

Call us today to learn how we can take your infomercial idea and make it awesome!