Media Manager & A.C.

Okay, you have your director, cinematographer, producers, and lighting crew. What now? Well, the good news is you’re almost at a complete production crew. The bad news is you’re not quite there yet.

ASK can help you get there. We’re your go-to-guys for four incredibly important additions to your crew – a media manager, a digital imaging technician, and two assistant cameramen.

I know, I know, it’s a lot! But hey, no one said making your passion project was going to be easy. No one said filming your band at Bonnaroo was going to be easy. No one said shooting your commercial was going to be easy.

Thankfully, ASK makes it just a bit easier. Let us worry about the headache of staffing your crew. We’ve been doing this for ten years and know who to call to make things happen today. Sound good?

Media Manager

Media managers only enter the picture after primary filming and retakes. They’re the wizards behind the scenes making sure everything filmed correctly. They’re the mavericks staying up until sunrise making sure everything is copied and backed up.

Media managers are the guys and gals who offload scenes and stills from your equipment to your computer. They create dual back ups so that you’re covered if something happens. They also check over all the footage to make sure there aren’t any errors.

Media managers are the unsung heroes of any production. Let’s take our hats off for just a moment and honor these invaluable individuals. Media managers – we salute your dedication and hard work!

Digital Imagining Technician

Sometimes your media manager and digital imaging technician can be the same person. God bless those talented individuals! Still, they’re often different people with completely different skill sets.

Think of a digital imaging technician as your cinematographer for the digital age. They’re pros at assisting the cinematographer get the perfect look, feel, and emotional reaction out of every digital frame.

A skilled digital imaging technician will handle things like picture exposure, setting up CDL’s (and LUT’s for postproduction), optimizing all camera settings and signal integrity, and making sure the digital audio came out flawless.

With about fifteen different shoes to fill, your digital imaging technician better be one hell of a worker. ASK Media has relationships with the hardest working D.I.T.’s in show business. We’ll get you the perfect guy, guaranteed.

Focus Puller/First A.C.

The focus puller, also known as the first assistant camera, is the man or woman in charge of making sure your shots are crisp, clean, and sharp.

Sounds simple, right? After all, when’s the last time you watched a movie that didn’t have sharp shots?

That’s because first A.C.s have one of the hardest jobs in media production. They’re the ones watching every shot. They’re the one’s constantly adjusting the lenses to make sure your actor or product is shown exactly as they appear.

You can’t fix those things in postproduction. You can’t touch them up in Photoshop. You can, however, get the best first assistant camera out there.

To put it another way – a good first A.C. is invisible. You won’t notice their work until it’s bad. Don’t be that guy. Don’t splurge on every other part of your project and get a second-rate focus puller. That’s like getting the best camera and buying a scratched lens!

If all that wasn’t enough, your focus puller is also the one who will shift shots from one actor or product to another. It’s a lot to ask of any single crew member. Luckily for you, we know who to call. Call us, we’ll call them, and you’ll thank us later!

Clapper Loader/ Second A.C.

The clapper loader, also known as the second assistant camera, is the person in charge of loading raw film into the cameras, maintaining all paperwork for the camera department, marking actors, and operating the slate at the start of each take.

Sounds like pretty boring stuff, right? Wrong! The clapper loader is in charge or the raw film, recorded film, and making sure all the corresponding paperwork is correct. If they screw up even one part of any of this…well, let’s just say it’s going to be expensive.

What about a digital project? Say you’re filming on a Red Epic Dragon or an Arri Alexa and don’t have 35 mm film – do you still need a second A.C.?

Absolutely. Once you’re in the digital world, all that film is simply compressed into SD cards and other digital storage devices. The clapper loader still maintains all the data and takes on more of a digital imagining technician roll.

Not to mention, the second assistant camera gets to work the slate. They’re the ones that get to snap the clapper and yell “action!” This is without a doubt the coolest part of any production.

Why Choose ASK Media to Staff Your Camera Crew?

Why pick ASK to get you the best media manager, digital imagining technician, first A.C., and second A.C.? Because we’re pros at our job and know the people out there who’re pros at theirs.

We just waxed poetic for 800 words about the importance of making sure each frame is sharp, about the astronomically high cost of getting a crappy clapper loader. We know what we’re doing. More importantly, we know the media managers, D.I.T.s, and A.C.s who know what they’re doing.

If you need more convincing, well, maybe we’re not the production staffing company for you. If you’re ready to go, call us now and we’ll take care of the rest.