Media Planning & Buying

A crisp, clean, well-shot commercial is sure to be a great asset to your brand, but it can only do so much as long as it sits on our hard drives. If you truly want to take your media exposure to the next level, the creation and production of a commercial is only half of the equation. You also need a media planning and buying strategy to promote your commercial.

That’s where ASK Media Productions comes in. We don’t just shoot it. We don’t just edit it. We also promote it. As a full service multimedia agency, we remain fully involved in the whole creative process: from ideation to casting to media planning and buying.

What is Media Planning and Buying?

Almost everyone is familiar with TV commercials, their function, and what they are used for. Most of us have a list of our favorite ones – the clever 30-second spots that make us laugh and the endearing advertisements that make us smile.

However, few outside the media industry consider what goes on behind the scenes of these commercials. There is rigorous research, budgeting and strategizing that takes place just to get the right commercial on the right channel at the right time.

This is the essence of media planning and buying. We do the research on your target market. We know what appeals to them and what channels can reach them most optimally. We come up with the bids and the budgets to earn your place on those channels, and we have the connections to make sure your placement there goes unimpeded.

How Media Planning and Buying Works

Intuitively, the practice of promoting your commercials can be divided into two distinct parts: media planning, which encompasses the market research on audiences, channels and formats; and media buying, the process of purchasing media “real estate” based on your particular budget and marketing needs.

Media Planning

Media planning is driven by extensive research and the strategizing that is formed on the basis of that research. It answers the preliminary questions that will ensure your commercials reach a maximum audience at a minimum price, questions that will include:

  • What is the age, sex, and demographic of your target audience?
  • What media is best utilized to reach this audience?
  • What is the potential and the realistic reach of these media?
  • What financial allocations will optimize placement on these media?

Media Buying

The next task is media buying: procuring media “real estate” from broadcast networks at the channel, time and price most optimal for you. Whereas media planning is a science, incorporating facts, figures and broad research, actually purchasing that media is nothing short of an art. It requires a tactful combination of networking, persistence and decorum, as well as having the relationships in place to secure the media real estate you need.

At ASK Media Productions, we have the relationships. We have the market experience. We have the earnestness and the finesse you need to reach your audience at exactly the right place. We’ve been doing it for years and we are here to do it for you – through our finely honed media planning and buying practices, we guarantee to not only produce the perfect commercial, but to also promote it to a new level of exposure for your brand. Call us to start your project today!