Multi-Cam Event Coverage

What do twenty-second interviews, twenty-minute sitcoms, and twenty-hour concert specials all have in common? For one thing, they are all filmed live and in real time. Yet, their final quality is so sharp that few people take the time to consider this fact. That’s because they also utilize multiple cameras, the staple of multi-cam event coverage.

Filming Event Coverage With Multiple Cameras

Multi-cam event coverage is an ASK Media favorite for concerts, festivals and professional sporting events. We use it for live streaming and the production of electronic press kits (EPKs), among other things.

Each of this projects have a unique quality to them, and it’s not necessarily that they are filmed live. It’s that they require lightning-fast turnaround times. This means the job description entails much more than a handful of quality shots. We have to come prepared, think on our feet, and act quickly. One moment of down time during your live stream, one extra day of editing before you release your EPK… these are the last things you need.

We come to each multi-cam event 100% prepared, making sure we have everything set up before it even begins. It’s no exaggeration when we say there’s not one second to lose in multi-cam event coverage. At a live event, there’s no post-production suite for added graphics, no boom mic for sound checks, and no on-set directors to yell “CUT” if something goes wrong. That’s why we make sure we have everything we’ll need in place — not only our editing gear and mobile flypacks, but also our entire sound and graphics system.

Why Choose Us for Your Multi-Cam Event Coverage?

If you think your average camera crew can trudge through the blood, sweat and tears that go hand-in-hand with multi-cam event coverage, think again. If you think even the few event production specialists can get it all done on time and on budget, you’re sure to be disappointed.

There is at least one single team that can pull this off. They have the experience and the technical expertise to handle unexpected hiccups, such as power or format conversions, without blinking. They have the natural and almost surreal collaborative sense that requires little to no coordination, but rather just happens. And they have the rare skill and ability to collectively produce a finished product that doesn’t compromise for quality.

That team is located in South Florida, right off of Federal Highway. That team has honed their experience in multi-cam event coverage since 2006, and has shot and produced hundreds of live events in real time since then. That team is ASK Media Productions, and we are here to film your next event. Call us to start your project!