Music Video Production

Music videos are more complicated than most people think. The average Joe or Jane? They think you take a camera, point it towards a band, hit record, and that’s that.

This doesn’t even come close to the complexity, creativity, and expert cinematographic eye that quality music videos require.

Point a camera and record? That’s fine if you want your music video to be swallowed by the ever-expanding sea of the internet. If you want to stand out though, if you want to rack up some serious views, you need something more.

Enter ASK Media. We treat music video production like any other type of video production. We do pre-production, get a crew, set up each shot, film it professionally, then do hours and hours of post-production.

The result? A music video that’s f%^&*g awesome. A music video that looks as good as any major movie. A music video that’s bursting with awesomeness and the ability to go viral.

Sound good? We thought so. Call us today to learn what we can do for you!


You want an awesome music video? Well, all awesome videos start with location scouting, a script and storyboarding.

What? Storyboarding in a music video? That’s…outrageous!

Nope, it’s perfectly normal.

You can film something on the fly for cheap, but it’s going to look like crap and be disorganized. What message will it portray? What emotion will it evoke? What will it do to advance your musical career?

Let ASK handle the stress of pre-production. We’ll find the perfect locations, whether they’re a studio or a live venue. We’ll write the perfect script. We’ll nail all the scenes.

We’ll even get the hair and makeup department, the lighting department, the camera crews. We’ll do all that so all you have to focus on is killing it in the video itself.


Music video production isn’t different from movie production. It’s all about telling a story. What story are you going to tell?

You can get your weird cousin to film you on his iPhone and play around with the recording in iVideo…but that’s a crappy story.

Or you can work with ASK and let us tell a powerful and emotionally resonate story. We have the best equipment around. We know the best music video directors around. We know the best camera crews around. We know the best lighting crews around. We know the best…you get the idea.

Let us handle the production. You just handle being a rockstar. Sound good?


Here’s where things get technical and we flex our pretty large editing muscles.

Post-production is all about taking the raw footage – already scripted and looking killer – and turn it into something smooth and enticing.

Post-production is all about turning the good into great and the great into out of this world.

Post-production is when we become hermits and creative geniuses, retreating to our laboratory of equipment and pouring metaphorical chemicals in metaphorical beakers.

In reality, we hunker down and work on your music video until it’s perfect, until every single frame is bursting with energy. That’s what your music deserves and that’s what it gets.

Why Choose ASK Media for Your Music Video Production?

Why pick ASK Media for your music video production? Because we’re the premier digital media production company around. We’re either the best at any particular part of production or we know and work with the best.

Look, music videos can be made about one million different ways. Almost all of them end up producing an inferior product. If you’re serious about your music, your video, and your career – then ASK if the company for you.

Why pick us? Because musicians like Usher and Flo Rida already have. If we product amazing videos for multimillion dollar, blockbuster artists, imagine what we can do for you!

Call us today and tell us what type of music you make and what you’re thinking about for a video. We do the rest. It’s that simple.