Online Video Ads

Online video ads – this is 21st century advertising and media planning. Now, you no longer have to choose the right timeslot on the right channel to reach the right audience. Unbound by the limitations of broadcast and cable commercials, you can promote your brand to an audience whose size is limited only by their bandwidth.

You’ve seen the power of online video advertising. Almost subconsciously, you interact with advertising every time you watch a video on YouTube or share a post on Facebook. At ASK Media Productions, these are the online video advertisements we create: the ones that go viral, the ones that are memorable…the ones that ensure anyone with an Internet connection knows your brand.

The Power of Video Advertising Online

When it comes to exceeding TV as a medium for advertising, what makes online video ads so unique? Is it the light speed velocity at which they can be uploaded onto a server and appear across millions of computer screens? Is it their transcendence of time and space, the simultaneous serving of ads in both Miami at noon and Jerusalem in the evening? Is it their ability to reach the consumer in the most personal manner, on their personal computer?

The power of online video ads is all of the above, and it all comes down to what unique and valuable media is supposed to do: engage and interact with the consumer. Engaging with your ad means engaging with your brand. It means knowing more about your brand, and therefore trusting it. Most importantly, it means remembering you and choosing your services amongst all your competitors.

How Online Video Ads Work

So how does this revolutionary innovation in media technology – this innovation which, if properly utilized, can mean potentially limitless growth and awareness – work? Does ASK Media Productions simply repurpose the ads we’ve produced for broadcast and cable? No, we do not – we make unique videos produced and formatted for the World Wide Web.

Online video ads are supposed to be interactive, and producing anything less would mean squandering both your media strategy and our creative talent. We make videos that inspire much more than sitting, watching and forgetting. We create the videos that keep visitors on your website. We create the ads that won’t get skipped through, the ads that will make your audience laugh, think and awe.

Why Choose ASK Media Productions?

As a full service multimedia agency, ASK Media Productions is fully integrated into the advertising process from start to finish – from ideation to production to promotion. We place your videos on the medium in which they will succeed the most, whether a television or a laptop or a smartphone.

If you’re looking to promote your business while your customer is watching their favorite sitcom, ASK Media Productions will be more than happy to produce that commercial. However, if you want to take your advertising efforts into the 21st century, where the name of the game is interaction and the reward is infinitely greater, don’t settle for 30 seconds on TBS. Come with us into the world of online video ads: the world of YouTube and Vimeo and Hulu, a world of endless potential and limitless possibilities. Call us to start your project today!