Production Coordinator

Despite a pretty vague sounding name, the production coordinator is a central role in any film shoot. This is true across the board for commercial, advertising, and artistic video production.

Why? Because your production coordinator is going to fulfill about fifteen different roles and do them all quickly and effectively. They have no set duties and are at your production manager’s disposal.

Basically, your production coordinator can manage the shoot’s office, act as a human resources rep, handle financial and budget information, make sure the crew is stocked on supplies, wrangle actors, and so much more.

It’s fair to say production coordinators are the wildcards of the video industry. You want someone who’s up to the task of running the day-to-day production of your project.

More importantly, you need someone who can be counted on to deliver when the time comes.

How Do You Find the Right Production Coordinator?

So, when picking a production coordinator, you want to make sure you’re getting someone who’s organized, can multitask, keeps their cool under pressure, and is responsible to the extreme.

Sounds like a pain trying to find someone who meets all those requirements. And finding someone who fills all those shoes for a decent price? Forget about it.

That’s where ASK enters the picture. Our network of production professionals includes the coordinator you’re looking for. We’ve built up our little black book over the past decade and can tell you with absolute assurance that you won’t find a better staffing agency.

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Why Choose ASK Media?

Why choose ASK Media to get you the perfect production coordinator? Because you don’t have the time to find the perfect candidate. Because we know the best in the business and aren’t afraid to say it.

Look, running a film shoot, whatever form it may take, is hard work. Why make that job even harder? Your shoulders are looking pretty tired, let us take that weight off for you.

Seriously, sit back and let us do the heavy lifting for you. Why use ASK to find the guy who’s going to run the day-to-day of your project? Because when you us, you’re not only getting a production coordinator – you’re getting a team of digital media experts with ten years in the business.

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