Red Epic Dragon

The Red Epic Dragon…what can we say about this beautiful piece of equipment? Tech companies make grand, often overstated claims, but we’re not exaggerating when we say this is the crème de la crème of of professional video production.

When you rent the Red Epic Dragon from ASK Media Productions, you’re getting the very same camera that we used in the renowned Mercedes commercial featuring Usher. It was this camera that shot famed Cleveland Cavaliers forward Mike Miller, Tommie Cooper features, and our audio commercial.

Providing Red Epic Dragon rentals is like more than giving up our most prized possession. It’s like giving up our child, our own flesh and blood. We cannot express how much this camera means or what it has done for us. But, being the finely crafted and technologically advanced piece of equipment that it is, we’ve decided to rent it to aspiring professionals that seek to take their production skills to the highest level. Here’s what you’ll get.

Sense the Difference

Without a doubt, the first thing you will notice when you rent the Red Epic Dragon is the sensor — 6k with native exposure capturing over nine times the pixels of an HD sensor! That means everything in your shot, from the large objects in the distance to the most minute gradient or hue, is captured in masterfully nuanced detail.

The Red Epic Dragon also improves upon previous models’ micro-contrast and optical transfer functionality to produce some of the cleanest images in the industry. You can say your farewells to the pesky artifacts and moires you get with the cameras of yesteryear. Step into the world of tomorrow’s production technology with shots that have never looked so clean. They say the devil is in the details, and in the case of our Red Epic Dragon rentals, the details look devishly good.

Stills + Motion = EPIC

What do you get when you combine picture perfect videos with image stills of the highest quality in the industry? The Red Epic Dragon. With 6k resolution, you get 19+ MP of detail, which may sound familiar to those who have used DSLR cameras. The difference is that, when you rent the Red Epic Dragon, you get this quality in video at 100 frames per second. That’s 100 frames of full resolution, 100 opportunities to find and finish that perfect photograph!

Get Your Red Epic Dragon Rental Today

At ASK Media Productions, we know cameras and technology. We’re never ones to make bold claims about any particular piece of gear, but there’s a reason that our Red Epic Dragon rentals are constantly sought after: they are the best. When we say the best, we mean the best, bar none.

If you want to be the best and you will settle for nothing less than that, then there’s only one option: grab your Red Epic Dragon rental from us ASAP. Take your career in video production to a whole new and unprecedented level. Know what it feels to command the deck of this, the Starship Enterprise of video cameras, and we promise you that you won’t look back.