Ahhh, the short-form infomercial. The butt of more jokes than we can count on one or even both hands.

Still, for the all the flack these short bursts of advertising get, they’re uniquely powerful and persuasive.

Short-form infomercials are under two minutes in length. That’s a tiny amount of time to pack in everything they need to accomplish – uncover a pain point and offer a one-of-a-kind solution, all while building an emotional connection between the viewer and your brand.

Oh and you have to pack all that in on top of grappling with the difficulties of a normal video production.

Yeah, short-form gets a lot of crap and is hard to pull off. Thankfully ASK Media is here to the rescue!

The Benefits of Short-Form

Writing and producing short-form infomercials is serious business. They’re difficult to pull off successfully, but offer some serious benefits.

They’re perfect for millennials. Think about it – they’re short, distinctive, and packed to the brim with persuasive power. That’s like the trifecta of advertising to younger generations.

Speaking of advertising to young people, short-form is uniquely suited for the internet. They’re great for YouTube, Vimeo, and social media. They’re quick and to the point.

Generally speaking, short-form infomercials are some of the most creative ads around. They have to be! How else will they stand out from the rest of today’s advertising noise and capture the attention of millions?

Why Choose ASK Media for Your Short-Form Infomercial?

If you’re not convinced by now that ASK Media is the best short-form production company around, you must be crazy! We’ve been doing this for years. We know how to connect with your customers and sell your product.

Remember, the most important part of any short-form campaign is your bottom line. It doesn’t matter how creative or one-of-a-kind your ad is if it doesn’t trigger calls, emails, and orders.

At ASK Media, we know how to blend the two perfectly. We know how to create video that’s gorgeous and persuasive. We know how to walk the line between advertising and art. We’re your short-form experts.