Sony FS7

What would you say if there was a camera built specifically for hand-held, long-form shooting? What would you do if there was a camera with 100% modularity from the encoding to the lens mount? What would you feel if there was a camera that incorporated the industry’s leading shoulder mounted comfort design?

Well, you can stop imagining if such a camera exists. It does, and it’s available right here for rental. It’s the Sony FS7 — get yours today!

Native E-Mount

With our Sony FS7 rentals come a new and unprecedented level of camera lens excellence: the E-Mount system. Virtually unrivaled in the quality of its optics, the Sony FS7 E-Mount delivers a highly dynamic and continuously powerful zoom and iris.

But that’s not all. The E-Mount incorporates first-rate auto-focus functionality and is highly customizable, as well, able to integrate with a variety of PL, Canon EF and SLR glass adaptors. Not to mention its light weight, 18mm flange-back and super-silent operation — the FS7’s lens mount is one for the record books.

10x the Quality at Double the Data Transfer Rate

When you rent the Sony FS7, you get the quality of 10-bit 4:2:2 images — the international industry standard for broadcast — but you also get the super-speed data transfer rate of 50 Mbps! Need we say more?

This is what makes the Sony FS7 so particularly superb for long-form shots. 10-bit XAVC-L recording renders the best grayscale your eyes will ever see, while 4:4:2 high-def records color at 50 Mbps without so much as a single pixel or hue compromised.

Need more convincing that our Sony FS7 rental is the perfect camera for your project, whether a documentary, corporate video or indie flick? We may have forgotten to mention its Super 35 sensor and the 4K (3840 x 2160) resolution it provides. What about 113 Mbps recording (same as the renowned Sony F55)? There’s the ProRes codec, outboard RAW recording (not included) and a whole world full of other functions and features!


100% Comfort, 0% Complication

If you’re looking for a camera rental that requires a complicated setup with grips, rigs and other accessories, then the Sony FS7 may not be right for you. But who needs that kind of inconvenience?

Our FS7 rentals is not only simply to operate, but they are also some of the most comfortable gear out there. The proof is all in the simple design, which was conceived from the beginning to sit comfortably on your shoulder.

Everything from the zoom to the assign controls to the start and stop buttons are located on the hand grip. Plus, the viewfinder is conveniently situated on the left-hand side, complete with an extension box and 15mm mount to bring this advanced piece of equipment full circle.

So what are you waiting for? Chances of finding a more comfortable, highly efficient and completely modular camera are…slim to none. Stop shopping around and rent your Sony FS7 from ASK Media Productions today!