Sony PMW-300

When Sony announced the release of its PMW-300 video camera in 2013, we weren’t sure what to think. Had they not ready outdone themselves with the power and dynamism of the EX1 and EX3? It turns out they hadn’t, for while the EX3 has since faded into the dustbins of cinematography, our Sony PMW-300 rentals continue to fly off the shelves!

Old Dog, New Tricks

If you, like us, are a fan of the now-discontinued EX3, you have nothing to fear when renting the Sony PMW-300. They’ve kept all the features you know and love, while adding a whole host of spectacular new ones.

Let’s start with the look and feel of the PMW-300. As far as the latter is concerned, nothing has been lost. The Sony PMW-300 remains just as comfortable as it’s shoulder-friendly predecessors, but it adds some innovations that are guaranteed to reduce any strain while shooting. It’s called “semi-shoulder” and it integrates a flexible hand grip that rotates, enabling the PMW-300 to sit comfortably on your shoulders as you shoot for hours!

As for the look this camera provides, customers are rarely disappointed by our PMW-300 rentals’ lens. That’s because it’s the very same EX-mount interchangeable lens that the EX3 used! This XDCAM is fully compatible with a range of other lenses, and it’s also added noise-suppressing signal processors, high quality image rendering, and an HD lens system with 14x and 16x optical zoom!

Flexible Recording

Flexible in not just its design and lens compatibility, our PMW-300 rentals provide some of the most versatile media integrations in the industry. Shall we list its recording options? You’ll get SxS, SD, Memory Stick and XQD card compatibility (not included with the rental). Plus, you can also use a wireless adapter for transfers, Wi-Fi and cataloging your metadata.

If you’re like us, you no doubt realize this is one of the few things that the EX series was missing. When you rent the PMW-300, you get to record 50Mbps in MPEG HD 4:2:2 and you get to record straight to SxS. To be sure, you hook up your EX3 to HD-SDI and get 4:2:0, which is nothing to scoff at. But why go through the trouble? With the PX-300 you’re recording at the universally-accepted industry standard for long-form broadcasts. PLUS it’s all native!

We could go on for hours about what this camera is capable of, but we’d like for you to see for yourself. Experience the same comfort and functionality that your used to as you enter a whole new world of production technology — rent the Sony PMW-300 TODAY!