Studio Performance

Ever since smartphones became ubiquitous and your grandma started sending Snapchats, everyone thinks they’re a photographer and video producer.

The result’s been a lot of really crappy music videos floating around the internet. Don’t be that guy, girl, musician, rapper, or band. Seriously, don’t do it!

Ever wonder why some videos get a cumulative total of twelve views? ‘Cause they suck! They sound horrible, look horrible, and are likely to make your eyes and ears bleed from horribleness.

Lucky for you that ASK is here. We’re the music video experts and nowhere is this more apparent than in how we produce studio music videos. Learn our unique and innovative process below then give us a call to create a one-of-a-kind video today!


The first thing you need to do is stop thinking of a music video as different from any other film shoot. Quality movies have multiple camera operators, gaffers, grips, lighting techs…you get the idea.

When you pick ASK Media for your studio performance music video – you get the full crew. We use our connections, hard-earned over the last ten years, to get your video staffed by the best in the music video production business.

Oh, and our equipment is the best around too. We’re not going to film your band on an iPhone and call it a day. We use studio quality cameras. We’re talking Red Epic Dragons and Arris. We’re talking the best money can buy.

When you pick ASK to film your music video, you also pick the best crew and equipment around. Call us now and tell us what you had in mind. We’ll take your ideas and go above and beyond to bring them to life!


And here’s where we really earn our reputation as the best music video production company around – post-production.

So many music videos are filmed, thrown up on YouTube, and promptly forgotten about. Seriously, no one wants a video with three plays. The difference between a three play and a three million play video? The post-production.

Again, think of your music video as a major film shoot. After the actors have gone home to their mansions and supermodel wives, the nerds get to work mastering the footage.

We’re those nerds…except hotter. We’re the good-looking nerdy guys your mom probably never warned you about. Well, she should have because we kick ass and take names. Nowhere is this more apparent than in post-production.

We can’t tell you exactly how we take your music video to the next level – trade secrets and all – but believe us when we say that we take good footage and make it great.

Why Choose ASK Media for Your Studio Music Video?

Why choose ASK for your studio music video? Because we’re the best around and have worked with the biggest names in music. Because we know how to take the creativity and artistry of your music and translate that to screens the world over.

Why choose ASK? Because Usher and Flo Rida already have. Seriously, we weren’t lying about working with the biggest names around.

Why choose us? Because you can’t afford not to. We know exactly what your music video needs to be great. We know exactly how to shoot a jaw dropping music video for any type of music. We know exactly how to make your band great. It’s that simple.

Call us today to learn how we can deliver you a ridiculously amazing and one-of-a-kind music video!