Testimonials & Product Demonstrations

Title: Infomercial Testimonials & Product Demonstrations
SEO Title: Testimonials & Product Demonstrations in Infomercials

In the world of infomercials – hell in the entire world of direct response marketing – nothing has higher stakes than testimonials and product demonstrations.

Sounds kind of hyperbolic, right? Well, it’s also true. These are your moneymakers. These are your call to actions. These are where viewers turn to customers.

Given the stakes, the money on the line, your testimonial and demonstrations better be top notch. They better convert at a decent rate. If they don’t, well, then you’re just throwing away money.

That’s where ASK Media comes to the rescue. We’ve been the go to video production agency for quality testimonials and product demonstrations for ten years now.

That’s a decade of experience learning what works, what doesn’t work, what sells, and what doesn’t sell.

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Although they’re often thought of as corny, testimonials are among the most important part of any infomercial. Think about it like this – are you more likely to buy something that sounds and looks good or something that other people vouch for?

That phenomenon is called social proof. Hearing and seeing other people confirm the unique value of a product is an unrivaled call to action. It converts. It’s that simple.

Now, as for the corny part of testimonials, that’s where ASK really shines. Anybody can film some actors talking about why a certain product is amazing. What about making that video real and convincing?

We accomplish that through our years of experience. We know what angle to shoot people at. We know what colors to use. We know what people should say and, more importantly, what they shouldn’t say.

In short, we know how to produce a testimonial that converts customers effortlessly. Don’t believe us? Look at our roster of clients – BMW, Mercedes Benz, and Nike aren’t wrong.

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Product Demonstrations

Much like testimonials, product demonstrations are a vastly underrated and critically important part of infomercials. The reason most are underrated? Because they stink.

Nobody, no matter how much they love your brand and product, wants to see some second-rate actor exclaiming its benefit. That doesn’t convert, doesn’t sell, and is a waste of money.

What people want to see is something, anything really, that massages their pain points. Let’s say you’re filming an infomercial for socks. People want to learn, see, and believe that your socks are the answer to their sock problems.

(It sounds ridiculous, we know, but it’s 100% true)

Don’t hire some hack to yell about why your socks are so comfortable. Hire ASK Media to present your socks as the answer to viewers’ sock problems. We can’t tell you how we do that, until we sign the paperwork anyway, but trust us – we know how.

Using a combination of quality video production, viewer and consumer psychology, social proof, and other factors – we craft the most convincing product demonstrations around.

Why Choose ASK Media for Testimonials & Product Demonstrations?

Why choose ASK Media for your product testimonials and demonstrations? Because we know how to turn viewers into customers. We know how to turn someone who skims by your infomercial into a phone call or order form.

Seriously, we’ve been doing this for ten years. We’re the best out there. That’s not bragging or boasting, it’s the simple truth.

Call us now to learn why those brands mentioned above – Mercedes Benz, BMW, Nike, and so many more – trust their names and sales to ASK.