Trade Show Kiosk Videos

Trade show video kiosks…doesn’t sound very sexy right? How do you write something to convince people that your kiosks are the best? How do you even hold someone’s attention for longer than five minutes when talking about…zzzzz….

Wha? Oh, I fell asleep? Sorry about that.

Look, even though they might sound boring – and trust me, we’re with you on that – having the right video playing at your trade show booth is incredibly important.

You spent hours and hours getting ready for this show. Why shoot yourself in the foot and play some low-quality video on a second-hand TV?

The Importance of Having a Quality Kiosk Video

Here’s where we get to the importance of having a quality video kiosk. Trade shows aren’t cheap. They cost real money and they have real benefits. One of these is a unique opportunity to showcase your brand.

You don’t want to spend the money to shoot a promotional video and then have it play on an 18’ Sharp TV you bought off eBay. It might sound cost effective, but trust us – it’s a bad look.

You want to walk in to the trade show like you own the place. You want to get to your booth and see some 60’ Samsung screens playing exactly what makes your brand unique and powerful.

ASK Media can do that. We have the best equipment for the best prices. It’s that simple.

How We Capture Your Brand

Okay, we talked about the importance of having an appealing and professional booth. Now, let’s back up for one second – what about your actual trade show video?

That’s where we really shine. ASK Media are branding experts. We know how to translate your company’s unique values and strengths into a cohesive brand message.

How? We have a decade of experience. We know what works and what doesn’t. We know how to capture your strengths in video and, more importantly, turn your weaknesses into strengths.

We’re not going to give away all our trade secrets here, but trust us when we tell you that we’re the best. Call us today to learn why!

Why Choose ASK Media for Your Trade Show Video?

Why pick ASK for your trade show video? Because we’re the branding and video experts.

We know how to develop and grow your brand. Hell, we know how to turn your company from a normal, run of the mill enterprise to a brand in the first place.

After your brand has been translated to video, we know how to take that video and present it in the best light for any trade show. We know how to give you a killer kiosk that reflects your brand message.

Call us now and find out why!